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3G Mobile Security Guards

Author: 3Geyes Date: 2011-11-29 Hits: 2818

3G Mobile Security Guards - "3Geyes series" visual alarm monitoring

3G for the security of the significance of mobility. On the one hand, for users with more flexible operation and control. On the other hand, 3G applications can achieve a real sense of the "mobile surveillance". By the original wired network + computer + monitoring point architecture transformed into 3G mobile phones + 3 G network + monitoring point architecture, the user can not time and geographical limits, at any time view the monitor image, access to alarm information. With 3G networks, real-time alarm notification, remote viewing site, and mobile monitoring will be easy.

"3Geyes series" visual alarm monitoring is the one developed for families, schools, offices, warehouses, shops and small commodities markets video surveillance products, unique in its use of 3G video circuit 64K domain, set up users and front-end video camera phone, video surveillance so as to achieve the purpose.

up and down the front camera can rotate around a flexible, casual place at home, shop in the right place. The user's mobile phone without having to install client software, you can call directly through the front video call camera, and then through four number keys control the front-end PTZ.

"3Geyes Series" can effectively meet the family, shops, cars, etc. often need to move the camera and the lack of wiring conditions in some areas of the monitoring requirements. Monitoring for those unexpected needs, such as government, business temporarily on the crowded office, disaster office, remote places without wired network monitoring, "3Geyes Series" is also its capability to assume responsibility. With mobile and flexible, rapid deployment, cost savings and so on.

"3Geyes series" visual alarm monitoring can be widely used in home security, monitoring shops, auto insurance the damage, site survey and other fields, is the company's use of third generation mobile communications technology developed the latest generation of monitoring and warning products for the emerging application of market-ready 3G a core application.

Application advantages

"3Geyes Series" is a potential large-scale application of the product, it can use all the features of "simple" word to describe:

1. users is very simple. WCDMA standard mobile phone users to watch, do not need to install any client software, as long as the will call, will use the service; user control via mobile phone, just a simple button to complete, intuitive and convenient; the user can simply dial the specified number, which with front-end to establish a video call, no special training in the use.

2. the front of the installation is very simple. "3Geyes series of" front-end does not require any wiring, nor the power requirements (to support battery-powered), can be easily placed in any position, do not need a screwdriver, for home users is very convenient. In addition, monitoring head can rotate 270 degrees to ensure that no dead ends, plus an optional infrared and other sensors, easy to create professional-grade control environment.

3. operators of large-scale deployment is very simple. As the "3Geyes Series" is the standard use of 3G video calls, so the network does not require any transformation, you can directly support the business.

"3Geyes series" spotted the people and governments to monitor the growing demand, seize the opportunity, first to launch mobile 3G technology-based video surveillance products, not only effectively meet people's home, shops, cars, etc. often need moving camera and a certain lack of control wiring and other local conditions, but also to meet the temporary government of the people crowded place, at the disaster, there is no wired remote and local monitoring networks. Its rapid deployment, cost-saving features are subject to the market alike.

3G wireless video surveillance applications with the deepening of video based value-added development of 3G wireless services will also be more and more, 3G scale applications for video surveillance industry business users to add new features, new extensions function, and can provide home monitoring for public services, including 3G-based value-added application platform monitoring system. Operators are beginning to consider the network video surveillance and the integration of 3G as the next important business growth. Both from a technical, business or cost level, 3G applications are existing security industry will have a profound impact.

We believe our global 3G development experience and strong technical strength, with the increasing popularity of 3G networks, users will quickly reach a certain size, and thus make the cost more reasonable, 3G wireless video surveillance market will face a huge market prospects and development opportunities.